Lead United Step-Up Program

I will grow my gift to $1,000 in three years with a minimum donation amount of $500 this year. 
Lead United Leadership Giving Step-Up Program
By committing to the Lead United Step-Up Program, you can commit to growing your gift to $1,000 or more over the next three years and become a member of Lead United today!
Step 1: Make a gift of $500 or more and indicate that you would like to commit to this three-year step-up program. Your gift will be matched to make up the difference and amplify your impact to reach $1,000.
Step 2: Commit to reaching the next level of giving of $750 or more.
Step 3: Commit to a gift of $1,000 or more and complete the Lead United Step-Up program.
To learn more about Lead United Step-Up, contact leadunited@uwdc.org.

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